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Welcome to Wilby's Art.Com
"Wilby" was a nickname I had among other digital artists years ago when I bought this domain.
Artwork created  mainly with Bryce 3D. 

May we keep our gaze steadily upwards towards the Luminous Heights, and realize happenings that come to us have something that is for our benefit, that we may learn and grow into useful beings in Creation.
And so, learning from our mistakes, strive to be the best  
  human beings we can be, by thinking and doing what we know deep down is right and good

Michael Fink  

​ Linka
My Norwegian Forest rescue
The abstract images you will see are done with a technique I call; Reflectives. Where I assemble 
various shaped objects that have pure reflective surfaces,
and I bounce fractal patterns off of them.
By changing the viewpoint of the camera, or POV, 
Path Of Vision, I discover surprising images.
I hope you enjoy.
Visit my artist friend Hartjan in France 

My gifts are art and music.
My professions are and have been: Dental Technician, Guitar tech., Digital illustration.
Born in Sacramento, lived in California, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia, Texas, Hawaii (Big Island) and now Clinton Tennessee.