~ Guitar Work ~
Here are some examples of guitars and ukuleles I have assembled and Set Up:
~ Vento Guitars and ukuleles~
My shop in Kailua Kona was at home outside on the Lanai.
This is a Vento Koa guitar
I worked at Goodall Guitars in Kailua Kona for 6 years until he moved his shop to Calif.
Then I worked from home and did Set-Ups and Repairs. Also worked at Kiernans Music Shop in the nearby town of Kainaliu Hawaii.
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~ From Kiernan's Shop~
Working at Kiernen's shop with Brian and Derek was a joy. His son Derek and I worked together at Goodall guitars. I helped Brian while Derek learned all the skills until I was no longer needed and left for other ventures with only good feelings.  
This was a Lyre Classical guitar I had the pleasure of working on at Kiernen's
This was one of Jesse Colin Young's guitars
~ Goodall Guitars~
When his shop was in Kona
A younger and a bit heavier me.
At my spot at Goodall's Aligning the neck with the body/bridge
I had the pleasure of assembling two guitars for Seal that were birthday gifts from Heidi Klum but I forgot to take photos!